TEXT: Around 4 months ago, she had a vivid dream about the building. She had never been inside, but she had imagined the interior in great detail. Walking past the multi-story, at 11:35pm, she remembered her slumber wander. The tired machinery. The wide corridors. The heavy low lighting. She looked at the door for a moment, and wondered how many of her dream memories were reality. They had certainly been authentic during sleep, and at this moment, they were all she knew.

Ordnance Works


Ordnance Works, Coventry

Thousands of workers under one roof, cold light. Fuses. Components. Shells. Sockets. Wires. Out into the late autumn low sun. Sandwiches by the canal. Guns go out on the factory tracks. Shift changes, off to the local, then a walk home.

The main workshop at the Coventry Ordnance works was claimed to cover a greater area under its single (110 feet to the apex) roof than any other factory in the country.

Pelican read of the week – Changing Man’s Behaviour by H.R. Beech

Changing Man's Behaivior Pelican read of the week – Changing Man’s Behaviour by H.R. Beech With my purchases of Pelicans, the cover and content have to stand out. This one looks interesting in both respects. The cover art is by Ian McLaren, there is a great article on him here  I’m interested in the reasons behind our behaviour, how we are reluctant to look at our natural urges and instincts because they might raise difficult questions, how they are controlled for acceptance and to ensure society comfortably sleepwalks. They might reveal answers that aren’t easy to deal with…