Under the Motorway 3

Can you spot where the previous shots were taken? I’d like to say you win a prize but, I’m pretty broke right now.

2 Tone Opposite the Tuns

Whacked the contrast up on this, I like photocopying images to get an inky effect or bright white. This one went dark…2 tone tiles opposite the what used to be the 3 Tuns. The mural on the side of the pub is listed, but I always preferred this wall.

Coventry Sports Centre 2

Ok, so maybe you can only see it’s elephantness from the Ring Road. If you squint. It’s a sci-fi beast, brutally remodelled, perfectly tonto. The shame is it’s being left to fall apart, some of the windows are even boarded up with plywood…another case of leaving an iconic building to rot before proclaiming it an eyesore and tearing it down. I hope it stays standing long enough to gain the respect it deserves.