Park Hill, Sheffield, Long View

Park Hill Estate Sheffield – Architects Jack Lynn & Ivor Smith

TEXT: So, we just get the banks to pay these claims. Perpetuate the madness?” “Yes, we can’t let consumerism fall, it keeps them happy, their aspirations can carry on. And our money will continue to come in. It’s like they have won the lottery. They get something back…you know?” “But…the banks, surely they won’t want to lose..” “Good grief, they make more money than you can imagine. They want to maintain this way of living. Sure, it got out of control but, you have to try and get it back. They will pay whatever it takes to maintain this way. Bonus’ depend on it for gods sake. They have to try”. “But what if it all collapses?” “We have to take that risk. If we do nothing it will all be lost anyway. So we put money into the pockets of the big spenders. They feel like they have been through a recession. In a few years they will loosen their belts and all of this, all of this money, it will be back in our hands, I assure you of that.”


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