These places. These places I feel small. Rat runs through the City, looking up at cars held aloft.

TEXT: Eve stood at the barriers beside the road, her nails clutching the
 dusty hot metal. She watched the traffic speeding by, changing lanes,
 lights glowing yellow against the indigo sky. The air from the traffic 
created a slight breeze, her hair blew across her face and she kept 
pulling it behind her ears. Eve listened to the beat of the road, for 
half an hour, maybe longer. Ready, she stepped over the small metal
 fence and into the road, steady small steps. The vehicles swerved 
round her. It was a dangerous dance. She held her arms out to her 
noisy partners, horns blaring, lights flashing, screeches, hands
 waving. She matched their wheel turns, spinning, wild. Engaged in an
 erratic tango, furious.


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