Bullyard Coventry



The Bullyard in Coventry is a fantastic square, the cladding really echos the modern cathedral in design and materials used, it seems that Coventry can have a plan when it wants to.  I also love that there was so much public art placed around Coventry during the mass rebuild, whether you like the pieces or not, it is fantastic that we have such a diverse selection of open air sculpture, statues, murals, reliefs and paintings for people to discover.

Taken from English heritage;

In front of what used to be the three tuns pub is a mural by the artist William Mitchell – An abstract two-facetted relief mural, of 1966 by William Mitchell, forming the front elevation of The Three Tuns Pub situated in the north corner of the Bull Yard shopping complex; The Bull Yard building itself, to which the mural is attached, is not of special interest. The mural is cast in concrete with a pebble aggregate. It is circa 4m high and 11 ½ m long, with three openings for windows. The high relief panel shows abstract motifs, which could be interpreted as industrial components, such as cogwheels and spirals, but equally as a map of a city. Its design and style appear to have been influenced by Central American art. The rear of the mural, situated inside the pub, is also in relief, but is less pronounced (and now painted white). The mural forms a focal point within the public square. (http://list.english-heritage.org.uk/resultsingle_print.aspx?uid=1393443&showMap=1&showText=1)

There are plenty of photos of this mural online.

I find it entertaining that at the same heritage site they describe the Bullyard as ‘architecturally insignificant’, hmpf. Well I like it. I also like the two tone tiles opposite the tuns 🙂


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