Post War Development in Coventry

Recently, Coventry was voted one of the ugliest Cities in England.

I’ve lived in Coventry for the majority of my life, and although it’s beauty isn’t conventional, I’ve grown to love the place. The City has something different, and I’m afraid that these sensationalist statements will invoke a bulldozer reaction, resulting in the loss of some very important and amazing architecture.

Coventry has always inspired me, I’ve been taking photographs of the cityscape for many years now. It’s possibly the years of visual study that have made me realise that the City has a style of it’s own, with extremely interesting themes, materials and forms. However, the years of neglect have created a real resentment, a longing for a lost place.

The Ring Road is crumbling, the precinct paint is peeling and facias are fronted with plywood. So where did the Civic pride go?

I believe that the key here is respecting and saving Coventry’s architectural colours, lines, materials, themes and most of all, celebrating it’s individuality and forward thinking.

This is not an ugly City, it is a neglected gem.

I’ve started this page not only to record buildings I think will soon be lost, but also as Coventry’s development and architecture is something I would like to explore in more detail. In a recent discussion, it was mentioned that Coventry’s Post War style was Post Modern, Brutalist, Festival, Modernist…the list goes on. I don’t think I’ll get one answer, and I don’t even think Post War is correct, but at least I’ll get to share my thoughts. I’m not an architect. I grew up in Coventry, and my interest stems from my love of the City and my camera. My stance isn’t right or wrong, it’s just my opinion, and I know there are plenty of people who think differently.

If you have taken the time to read this, I hope you find this section of my site interesting, and maybe even find something of beauty here…


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