TEXT: We hit an unexpected glitch when interfacing with the board. The customer suite was full of machines. the canteen was full of wires. Every storage cupboard, every office, every space was filled with flashing lights, screens, switches, buttons and servers. The building was overloaded, the atmosphere prickled with energy and no one knew where the windows were. The lights gave a strange, glowing quiver across the packed corridors. The Senior team crouched on the boardroom table, their dry eyes barely blinking. “Something has to be done Toby. I’m not sure how we get out anymore. The last delivery blocked the exit”. “It’s been days since I last went out Henry.” “Coffee?”

Bletchley Park: Restoration of 2966



Axa Building: Coventry

It’s always interesting when developers try to give a building a new lease of life. The Axa building in Coventry has recently been converted into student flats, which in itself it a fine use of an empty building. However, strangely, they decided to cover it in garish red and black blocks. Which really don’t work with the existing style or colour of the building. This building used to look great in the evening sun, gold picked out and flashes of light – all it really needed on the outside was a clean and removal of the Axa references. If the windows had to be covered, then why not use something that complemented the existing colours and style? Instead they have used awful materials and a completely inappropriate colour palette. Eeesh. This is a photo taken a few years ago, before the ‘revamp’.

Architecture in the Twentieth Century: Peter Gössel & Gabriele Leuthäuser

Architecture Book

A comprehensive guide to twentieth century architecture, beautiful large format photos and an expanse of information on architects and their work. I love dipping into this book. And, this edition has a beautiful cover design, lush colour and lines.

Sheffield wandering…


TEXT: Petra had the only key to the door at the top of the building. When everyone clocked off, the step clicks petered out around half five. Voices were sparse, and the machines hummed quietly. She would ascend, and with a hot tea in her left hand, open the door with her right, and watch the heavy sun cast a glow over the industrial estate. Thirty minutes of peace, her time.

Electronic Music

Electronic Music

A great purchase from Kenilworth record fair a couple of weeks ago. Great image, fantastic colour pop. My first listen was in the following afternoon, low sun light over the trees at the back and a fresh coffee. Interesting sounds, I think there are others in the series…

Andres Lewin-Richter
Ilhan Mimaroglu
Tzvi Avni
Walter Carlos

Non Human thought: Jaques Graven

Non Human Thought

Non Human Thought: Jaques Graven

This is such an interesting read about the psychology of animals, how they communicate, patterns, their social units, migration, memory and their relation to humans. I’ve always been interested in the behaviour of people, how we do things without realising because it is in our nature to do so, the way crowds move, body language, the subtle sense stimuli that we aren’t always aware of. Glances, scents, whispers.

Aside from the text, the design of this book is lovely, that classic Sci-Fi font and the Mothra attack splintered with fine blue lines. There is also a giant spider on the back in case that wasn’t disturbing enough.

Analog One

Analog One

Analog One – Science Fiction Compilation

Introduction: John W. Campbell
Monument: Lloyd Biggle,
The Plague: Teddy Keller
Remember The Alamo!: T.R. Fehrenbach
The Hunch: Christopher Anvil
Barnacle Bull: Winston P. Sanders
Join Our Gang?: Sterling E. Lanier
Sleight of Wit: Gordon Dickson
Prologue to an Analogue: Leigh Richmond

This is a great little collection of short stories from the 60’s. I love the typeface, similar modern fonts include Retroheavy, Bad Robot, Spaceship Bullet, Moon Monkey, JLS Space Gothic…I haven’t found this particular one yet…




TEXT: It was the tactile nature of the contraption. There was something satisfying in the switch flick, a red red light, a number flash. Different combinations, on off. Then there were the dials, a turn, a change. More subtle. Lost for a moment, for some reason, she hadn’t considered the effect of her machine play. Her childlike curiosity in the object was suddenly jolted by a chest pang, finger needles and a held breath. For the first time, she had forgotten to check whether it was plugged into the system, and if it was…