Axa Building: Coventry

It’s always interesting when developers try to give a building a new lease of life. The Axa building in Coventry has recently been converted into student flats, which in itself it a fine use of an empty building. However, strangely, they decided to cover it in garish red and black blocks. Which really don’t work with the existing style or colour of the building. This building used to look great in the evening sun, gold picked out and flashes of light – all it really needed on the outside was a clean and removal of the Axa references. If the windows had to be covered, then why not use something that complemented the existing colours and style? Instead they have used awful materials and a completely inappropriate colour palette. Eeesh. This is a photo taken a few years ago, before the ‘revamp’.

2 thoughts on “Axagold

  1. Thanks for this. I went to Coventry for the first time last week and was startled by the appearance of this building! (I’m not a fan of cladding at the best of times) Good to see what it used to be like.

    1. Hey thrifty lux,

      Hope you enjoyed Coventry, there are some gems to be discovered 🙂

      Cladding can work sometimes, but this is horrific! Thanks for your comment…

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