Walter Gropius – Architektur

So, the second 1 Euro purchase from recent visit to Berlin. A 1950’s version of Walter Gropius – Architektur. The Bauhaus orange eye on the front along with the linear grey background look beautiful. It might take me a while to work through, as my German language knowledge is shadows from younger years and broken conversations. But although it might take a while for me to read, I’m determined to give it a go.

Walter Gropius Arcitectur




Gebaute Umwelt…Berlin.

I just got back from a trip to Berlin, and just up from the apartment we usually stay at there is an amazing bookshop. I picked up a couple of books for 1 Euro each, the first is Gebaute Umwelt, and it is, amazing. Beautiful old photos, sketches and bright 70’s colours. I speak a little German, and finding a couple of interesting books will mean i need to get better at understanding the language in formal written form. What better inspiration!

Gebaute Umwelt