MorrowayTEXT: Yes, I worked at Morroway. Did I know what was going on? Well…I knew something was…well, unusual. I guess you could feel it, the static in the air. You walked in and, lights would flicker, that sort of thing but, I, well you just thought it was a fault. You know. In the building. But then, people got ill. People got ill, a lot. And the anxiety, everyone was worried, all the time. They said it was stress but, that many people? It wasn’t normal, it was a bad building. The fabric was, tense. Something had gone wrong, and it affected the office terribly. When Freda collapsed. And then David. People were falling. I remember them trying to drag us up from the floor, but our legs just crumpled. Weak.


YardviewTEXT: The light glistened off the central windows, bright sunshine glancing the glass. The Precinct was bustling. Curious passers by stopped momentarily from their hurried shopper scuffles and lifted their heads to the view.



TEXT: Pedestrian. A person who goes or travels on foot; walker. Lacking in vitality, imagination, distinction, etc.; commonplace; prosaic or dull. Maybe if the Nouns looked up more often from their slumber strolls, the Adjective might be brighter.