Architecture in the Twentieth Century: Peter Gössel & Gabriele Leuthäuser

Architecture Book

A comprehensive guide to twentieth century architecture, beautiful large format photos and an expanse of information on architects and their work. I love dipping into this book. And, this edition has a beautiful cover design, lush colour and lines.

London Windows Revisit



TEXT: I would stand, looking up at a different window each day, for ten minutes at 9:14, and watch the girl. My posture was always the same, I was quite careful to assume the correct stance. After three weeks and four days, I noticed, she noticed me. She would stand, in a new frame, looking down on the streets. Her posture was quite similar every time. We were both just waiting, and for those few minutes, the noise of the world around me seemed like a distant hum. When I moved from my vista, I would glance back, and she would have her head up, her curious head tilted. I wondered if she was trying to guess why I was taking note, trying to assess my expression. Maybe she thought I would make a musical composition based on my ritual, or maybe she surmised I was mapping her movements for a piece of art. Maybe she  thought I was just window spotting. I wonder what might happen if I were to stop.