Melodica Mirage


This photo turned out pretty, a melodica mirage. The first blink, seen through blurry eyes.

TEXT: Lying on her back, on the floor of the conservatory, the young girls eyes were only half open. It made the bright colours fuzz and intensify. The sun was hot on her face. She lay lazy, like a cat. Her bones were warmed through, and her limbs were soft and uncontrollable. When she closed her eyes, she could see orange veins. Bright orange, like the sun was shining through cracks in her lids.

Grimy Oscilloscope


PM3244 Phillips Oscilloscope, a fab contrast between the greys and the brightly coloured tape on this machine.

TEXT: Jack watched as the invisible fields lifted the water in a perfect cube. The professor, drawing on his electronic pad, looked up with a confident pride as a small slice was taken. The room felt strange, static, Jack could sense the shifting patterns in the air, but could only only see an inexplicable, perfectly angular mass of water floating aloft towards his glass. “Just think of the uses” mouthed the professor, drawing the changing currents, controlling, confining. “This room is a simple grid. Everything is measured. All I do is divide, using this pad to control the electric fields. We always knew they were here, it was just a matter of plotting them, then harnessing their power. Once every space is on the grid, we’ll be able to use the lines for anything. Absolutely, anything.”