Dusty Oscilloscope



This is a very dusty, grimy oscilloscope. I love old electronic equipment, and these machines are amazing. They allow you to see sound, visualisations of the ‘shape’ of electrical signals. I wish I had been able to continue learning about science, the trouble with education is that you are forced to specialise. I enjoyed lessons about pretty much everything, especially how different subjects crossed over. But at some point, you are forced to choose a path, classes neatly sectioned. As you get older, you discover the world just doesn’t work like that, everything is linked. So I’ll just keep on keeping my senses open I guess. Anyhow, that turned into a bit of a ramble, this machine is a very dusty, well used PM3244 – made for a great image.


Korg Monotron


Aw. The Korg Monotron is an analogue ribbon synth you can stick in your pocket. You know how you always get random hipsters playing guitar outside museums in Paris, or in Hyde Park? Wonder what would happen if you whipped this little Jack Russell out. More than likely, old people would shake their sticks at you. Children would cover their ears and cry. Squirrels would throw nuts at your face and confused pigeons would fall from the sky. That said, what do pigeons know about affordable, portable, joyous little synths? Nowt.