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Gebaute Umwelt…Berlin.

I just got back from a trip to Berlin, and just up from the apartment we usually stay at there is an amazing bookshop. I picked up a couple of books for 1 Euro each, the first is Gebaute Umwelt, and it is, amazing. Beautiful old photos, sketches and bright 70’s colours. I speak a little German, and finding a couple of interesting books will mean i need to get better at understanding the language in formal written form. What better inspiration!

Gebaute Umwelt

Eaton House

Eaton House

Eaton House Coventry, taken from Coventry train station. Built in the 70’s, this office block has blue tinted windows. It looks like the building has swallowed the sky on a bright spring day, always looked striking in the right light. Love the shapes the shadows make on the left.