Broken Windows

Broken Window Cov Station c

Copthall House under demolition, Coventry.

Sheffield Unit


Patrick gingerly ventured into the empty building. The door hadn’t been too difficult to budge. His hands felt grubby from the layered cobwebs and dust. Up the stairs and to the left. No clocking in this time. His old desk still sat in the small dank office, the door was ajar, his name etched on a bronze plaque. Patrick Flint, Manager. He hadn’t worked since.

Coventry Council House – Extension 1970’s

Coventry Council House


1970’s Extension to Coventry Council House and a perfect example of the mix of building styles in Coventry. This place really has some amazing diversity in architecture, it is something to be proud of, a place where innovation and imagination should be welcomed. It is very rare for a place to have such a great breadth of styles, and although it is at times incohesive, it should be something to treasure rather than put down. This is an unusual and amazing City.