Walter Gropius – Architektur

So, the second 1 Euro purchase from recent visit to Berlin. A 1950’s version of Walter Gropius – Architektur. The Bauhaus orange eye on the front along with the linear grey background look beautiful. It might take me a while to work through, as my German language knowledge is shadows from younger years and broken conversations. But although it might take a while for me to read, I’m determined to give it a go.

Walter Gropius Arcitectur




Pelican read of the week – Changing Man’s Behaviour by H.R. Beech

Changing Man's Behaivior Pelican read of the week – Changing Man’s Behaviour by H.R. Beech With my purchases of Pelicans, the cover and content have to stand out. This one looks interesting in both respects. The cover art is by Ian McLaren, there is a great article on him here  I’m interested in the reasons behind our behaviour, how we are reluctant to look at our natural urges and instincts because they might raise difficult questions, how they are controlled for acceptance and to ensure society comfortably sleepwalks. They might reveal answers that aren’t easy to deal with…

Electronic Music: Allen Strange


This book is a comprehensive guide to electronic music, covering methods & techniques. Most importantly it is accessible, I don’t have an extensive knowledge of the theory around sound synthesis or electronic engineering, so it’s been a useful book for me to learn from and I go back to it all the time. Aside from that, the cover image is pretty psychedelic, contrasted with the stark text box and type it works wonderfully.

Pelican read of the week: Inventing the Future – Dennis Gabor

Inventing the Future

I recently stumbled on a selection of Pelican books in a charity shop and have a new obsession. Eek.

I have already been to a local second hand book shop and trawled the shelves for more (thanks Gosford Books). The cover designs and content of the ones I have are fantastic.

Today I am reading ‘Inventing the Future’ by Dennis Gabor. I am finding it difficult to stop turning the pages, but when drawn away I was interested to find out about the writer. Apparently Gabor was an electrical engineer who invented holography. He was also a gifted physicist and discussed cybernetics. And, lived just up the road from Coventry, in Rugby, for a short while. Wow.


Architecture in the Twentieth Century: Peter Gössel & Gabriele Leuthäuser

Architecture Book

A comprehensive guide to twentieth century architecture, beautiful large format photos and an expanse of information on architects and their work. I love dipping into this book. And, this edition has a beautiful cover design, lush colour and lines.