Red Bruton


Got a bit stubborn at one point today. Was taking photos of this carpark from over the road, crossed, and a security guard stops me. He asks quite confrontationally  ‘Can I help you?’, I reply, ‘no, thank you’. ‘But I noticed you were taking photographs of our car-park, we wouldn’t usually allow that. Why are you taking photos?’. ‘Because, I like architecture’. at which point I realise I am explaining myself to someone trying to give the impression of authority, when actually , they have none in this situation. ‘This is a public space, is there an issue?’ to which he replied, ‘No. Just don’t, go inside, the building.’

Maybe it isn’t a car-park. Maybe it has hidden depths. Either way, I think he was bored. He must have watched me for ages as I took plenty of other photographs, so at least I provided some entertaining surveillance viewing.



Carpark Lines


TEXT: The carpark hadn’t been used for a long time. Anyone that drove in, drove out. No one wanted to leave their valuable car in the vacuous space. There were a few cameras, but Giles knew where they were placed, and knew how to avoid them. He had lived there for 2 years now. The 4th floor was his rooftop terrace. If the weather was nice, he would make a hot cup of coffee on his camping stove, take it to the top of the building and survey the city. It was a concrete castle, and he was king.