Electronic Music: Allen Strange


This book is a comprehensive guide to electronic music, covering methods & techniques. Most importantly it is accessible, I don’t have an extensive knowledge of the theory around sound synthesis or electronic engineering, so it’s been a useful book for me to learn from and I go back to it all the time. Aside from that, the cover image is pretty psychedelic, contrasted with the stark text box and type it works wonderfully.

Electronic Music

Electronic Music

A great purchase from Kenilworth record fair a couple of weeks ago. Great image, fantastic colour pop. My first listen was in the following afternoon, low sun light over the trees at the back and a fresh coffee. Interesting sounds, I think there are others in the series…

Andres Lewin-Richter
Ilhan Mimaroglu
Tzvi Avni
Walter Carlos

Korg Monotron


Aw. The Korg Monotron is an analogue ribbon synth you can stick in your pocket. You know how you always get random hipsters playing guitar outside museums in Paris, or in Hyde Park? Wonder what would happen if you whipped this little Jack Russell out. More than likely, old people would shake their sticks at you. Children would cover their ears and cry. Squirrels would throw nuts at your face and confused pigeons would fall from the sky. That said, what do pigeons know about affordable, portable, joyous little synths? Nowt.