Melodica Mirage


This photo turned out pretty, a melodica mirage. The first blink, seen through blurry eyes.

TEXT: Lying on her back, on the floor of the conservatory, the young girls eyes were only half open. It made the bright colours fuzz and intensify. The sun was hot on her face. She lay lazy, like a cat. Her bones were warmed through, and her limbs were soft and uncontrollable. When she closed her eyes, she could see orange veins. Bright orange, like the sun was shining through cracks in her lids.

Korg Monotron


Aw. The Korg Monotron is an analogue ribbon synth you can stick in your pocket. You know how you always get random hipsters playing guitar outside museums in Paris, or in Hyde Park? Wonder what would happen if you whipped this little Jack Russell out. More than likely, old people would shake their sticks at you. Children would cover their ears and cry. Squirrels would throw nuts at your face and confused pigeons would fall from the sky. That said, what do pigeons know about affordable, portable, joyous little synths? Nowt.