TEXT: We hit an unexpected glitch when interfacing with the board. The customer suite was full of machines. the canteen was full of wires. Every storage cupboard, every office, every space was filled with flashing lights, screens, switches, buttons and servers. The building was overloaded, the atmosphere prickled with energy and no one knew where the windows were. The lights gave a strange, glowing quiver across the packed corridors. The Senior team crouched on the boardroom table, their dry eyes barely blinking. “Something has to be done Toby. I’m not sure how we get out anymore. The last delivery blocked the exit”. “It’s been days since I last went out Henry.” “Coffee?”

Bletchley Park: Restoration of 2966


BBC Computers

BBC Computers 1

The jagged geometric lines crossed and layered and met. Each time one was drawn, another section of the screen fell away, another space filled, another colour flickering in the dark room. At an even pace, within a few minutes, the area would be a palette of violently bright pixels. The process was being recorded. It would be transposed onto a film of the latest models in production and shown at the next conference.

BBC Computers – National Museum of Computing


Interesting design and patterns in everyday places – HP V Class Server


It’s great when you find interesting design in mundane places. This tactile pattern is on an HP V Class Server, imagine the  office setting, an everyday piece of equipment. Follow the pattern with your eye, beautiful sweeping repetition. I’ve changed the colour, makes for a nice detail…


National Museum of Computing – an inspiring place to visit, so great to see this equipment, sometimes out of context, which helps you to re-access the design as well as the  technological impact.