Phase Work Balance


TEXT: They were trying to achieve a phase work balance across all human resources, in order to maximise capability. Bay was a rogue. He knew that a balance wasn’t required for greatness. All it achieved was a standard, a measurable, steady level of work. But no one knew why the spark appeared, why connectivity happened. It was still a mystery of electricity, of thought. Bay declined the invite, avoided meetings, didn’t fill out the staff surveys, refused to wear uniform and missed the employee engagement sessions. For some reason, they hadn’t given him the sack. Bay couldn’t really understand why they kept him on. Maybe they just needed a circuit breaker in order to keep things exciting. It gave them something to talk about, he supposed.




Repetitive variation, the vibrations would go undetected, as no one was monitoring the quiet noise. Her voice was so hushed, whispers along the airwaves. The sound was weak, but the words were defining, beautiful and important. The rhythm ensured they were memorised, and people were listening without realising.