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::Fixed pattern response vs. the ability to adapt acquired knowledge to varied circumstances::

Pelican read of the week: Political Ideas – David Thomson

Political Ideas Book

Pelican read of the week – Political Ideas by David Thomson

This cover really messes with your eyes. I’m up to chapter 3 so far, and already this is an interesting read. A lucid collection of short pieces on politics, it is a good introduction to political beliefs, motives and reasoning.

Pelican read of the week: Inventing the Future – Dennis Gabor

Inventing the Future

I recently stumbled on a selection of Pelican books in a charity shop and have a new obsession. Eek.

I have already been to a local second hand book shop and trawled the shelves for more (thanks Gosford Books). The cover designs and content of the ones I have are fantastic.

Today I am reading ‘Inventing the Future’ by Dennis Gabor. I am finding it difficult to stop turning the pages, but when drawn away I was interested to find out about the writer. Apparently Gabor was an electrical engineer who invented holography. He was also a gifted physicist and discussed cybernetics. And, lived just up the road from Coventry, in Rugby, for a short while. Wow.