Design on the now closed Co-op wall, one of a few but this is my favourite. A clean modernist shape showing rebuilding, fits in with the time it was constructed in Coventry.

Roof repeat


TEXT: It reminded her of the anderson shelter that used to be at the bottom of the garden. The shelter was her den when she was little. The family moved away from the house when she was 7, and for the first time, she wondered if the den was still there. They had chopped down the silver birch that her sister had planted as soon as they settled in, so it wasn’t very likely.

Precinct Lights


Coventry Precinct Walkway, adjacent to the fountain. The planners realised that the canopies could be dark places, and used a selection of ingenious ways to brighten the walkways for shoppers. If you take the time to look up, there are various places for natural light to stream in, the trouble is a lot of them need cleaning, but they could be a beautiful feature. The walkways are great for keeping out of the rain while having the pleasure of precinct shopping.

City Arcade



I love that the old typography still remains in and around the precinct, it needs straightening up but I hope it isn’t removed. So stylish against the wood panelling underneath the walkways and the slate edging. The most expensive modern development aspires towards such minimalism and use of quality natural materials.

Coventry Cathedral Windows



This image shows the wonderful Coventry Cathedral, the colours of the stained glass are vivid when inside the building, however, the real hero for me is the styling of the pink sandstone. Vertical lines and geometric shapes that are mirrored throughout the City.

Coventry Council House – Extension 1970’s

Coventry Council House


1970’s Extension to Coventry Council House and a perfect example of the mix of building styles in Coventry. This place really has some amazing diversity in architecture, it is something to be proud of, a place where innovation and imagination should be welcomed. It is very rare for a place to have such a great breadth of styles, and although it is at times incohesive, it should be something to treasure rather than put down. This is an unusual and amazing City.